What a whirlwind it has been the last couple of months! Usually, there is a little bit of a lull after the holidays, and very welcomed at that, but this year was different! Between shooting stories for Taproot magazine, traveling to Tucson, teaching a knitting class, and the New England Farm to Fiber show at the Boston Public Market this past weekend, I've hardly had time to catch my breath. 

Look at these little cutie pies on the back and inside of the most recent issue of Taproot. I feel so fortunate that my children are still amenable to my photo shenanigans! 


The Boston Farm & Fiber show was amazing. A complete and utter success. I felt so honored to be a part of its first year at the Boston Public Market, and hope to return next year as well. Not a terrible thing, but those 7 hours just about wiped out my inventory completely! Thank you Boston!!