There has been the tiniest shift in the air lately. Enough to give hope, which is all I need to get me through the end of this month. Indeed, the earth certainly knows its time to wake up - sap buckets are being hung, the sun is stronger, the days are longer - but sometimes it feels as if we still have so very. Long. To. Go. 

However, tomorrow is supposed to be near 70 degrees! I was scheduled to drive to PA to pick up our new Angora Goat buck (more on that later), but how could I spend an entire ten hours stuck in a car on such an exquisite day?!? Well, it's supposed to be overcast and foggy, but even that is exquisite in my book when the temps get so high in February! We did have snow the other day, however, and we do still have March to come...but it seems manageable somehow when you are able to have just one days reprieve from cold temperatures in late winter!

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