August Dyeing

Let the dyeing marathon begin! These upcoming weeks will be devoted almost entirely to dyeing fiber in preparation for the Common Ground Fair. This is really my favorite part of the process, as creating the colors never does get old. This first batch is with some of our "Mary" yarn; a blend of 70% mohair, 30% finn, and the combination is just out of this world in terms of the luster. Because of that luster, every skein of yarn is jewel-like in its beauty. 

I am particularly fond of this gradient of blues into greens. I'm just itching for someone to purchase the lot of them and knit up something divine. My favorite of the whole dye batch is the second photo...goldenrod and weld. That color is a shade I begin to crave in the middle of winter, when I can't remember what the sun's rays feel like on my face...