Tonight was one of those nights. It rained off and on for most of the day, and when it stopped, we were left with every beautiful scent of a humid July evening. The fog hung in the air like a thick blanket, wrapping itself around our bodies and filling the air with a sticky dampness that clings. There is nothing quite like the smell of damp earth and forest, but those who are lucky enough to know what I mean, well, you're lucky.

The challenge for me during this season is, as always, to slow down. I don't mean slow down and do nothing, I mean slow down and appreciate. Take notice. This can be done simply by taking an extra deep breath on a particularly fragrant evening, such as this. Or, closing my eyes and letting the sun warm my lids for a few seconds in the garden. It is difficult to remember to do those things, but they are imperative. Those few seconds of noticing have the power to change the entire day.